Apart from Academics, The school curriculum keeps in mind the capabilities of each student, thus has been designed in a way that the school activities help students learn and practice skills that will help them express themselves with their individuality. To nurture the talent of each student, school has made extensive arrangements that enable the students to learn different arts, crafts and sciences. The school provides a rich variety of activities namely electronics, motor mechanics, photography, clay modeling etc. Apart from enhancing the skills of a student the school offers extensive playfields for physical growth. Students are encouraged to play a wide variety of sports like Tennis, Squash, Football, Basketball etc. Student's self-governed societies and social service programmes have been all constituted in a manner that directly contributes to his all-round development.


We confidently predict that technology will never replace the book. From Nursery to Grade 12 DCS will encourage a love of reading, both for the sheer joy of it and because it is the most useful technological tool in the student's range of skills. In addition to formal (silent) work-stations, the Library-Media Centre not only features real books but also quiet story-telling corners and even a coffee bar where students can read and relax. Our reading material comes from a variety of sources, India and abroad.


Sport plays an important part in the life of the school, but we recognise that students have a wide range of aptitudes and abilities. No one sport is compulsory, but students must engage in physical activity..

All sports can be played competitively or non-competitively, with expert coaching always at hand. Students can choose to play to the level of their ability, with some playing simply as a pastime and others reaching Competitions, Regional or National level.

We encourage all our young people to develop their physical fitness, offering specialised coaching and a full-time fitness coach. For individuals for whom sport is a passion, we make it easy for them to excel, building flexibility into the academic programme to allow for training.

Our location lends itself to sport. Facilities include an indoor sports centre or basketball courts as well as being used for a variety of other sports, squash courts, fitness studio etc.

Participation in all sports is open to both girls and boys while professional coaches offer regular coaching clinics in all sports.

Our competitive sports clubs include cricket, tennis, football, athletics, squash and basketball.

Sport at Pips is an important part of the balance that the school strives to achieve in its approach to extracurricular activities. There is a long and proud tradition of excellence in sport, but importantly we aim to cater for the competence level of each individual student, and to provide them with the competition and coaching that is going to ensure that they grow in confidence and enjoy the sport at the level at which they are competing.