We confidently predict that technology will never replace the book. From Nursery to Grade 12 DCS will encourage a love of reading, both for the sheer joy of it and because it is the most useful technological tool in the student's range of skills.

CD Libraries, Charts, Journals, Magazines, Multimedia Projection Systems, Internet Wi-Fi Network for a better understanding and enjoying the learning process. DELHI CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL provides plethora on the global level exposure and knowledge sharing 24/7 vide latest configuration machines.

The School Library, which is air conditioned, is located on the basement floor of the School Building. It has a good stock of books on various subjects & magazines for inquisitive children. Books are added every year to enrich the Library, which is a never ending process. A Digital Library having access to international Journals & other educational content is also in place.

A Video Library with access to Encyclopedia & Dictionaries is a part of the arrangement. A separate reading hall for children has also been provided.

DCS also houses the most modern Electronic Languages Library – The one of its kind

The libraries are continuously monitored for assistance by qualified Librarian and his assistant.