All applicants must be toilet trained and meet the minimum age requirements below:

Applicant Applying for: Age Requirement by March 31st of the school year enrolled
Mom & Me <2
Play way 2 Years +
Nursery 3 Years +
Kindergarten 4 Years +
First 5 Years +
Second 6 Years +
Third 7 Years +
Fourth 8 Years +
Fifth 9 Years +
Sixth 10 Years +
Seventh 11 Years +
Eighth 12 Years +
Ninth 13 Years +
Tenth 14 Years +

Assessments and Interviews during the application process

DCS's Admission Committee carefully reviews all academic records and communicates with the previous school personnel as appropriate. In many cases, additional information is not required. There are times, however, when the Admission Committee does require additional assessments, information, and interviews with the applicant and parents. If additional assessments are required, parents will be expected to facilitate such assessments at their own expense.