Personality Enrichment Activities like Debating & Elocution, Dramatics &Theatre Club, Art and Craft Competitions and Painting & Music Contests, etc. are important areas of student involvement round the year.

Environment Acclimatisation Activities like Hiking & Trekking, Mountain Biking, River Rafting and exposure to Gardening & Tree Plantations are important aspects that take care of the children positive attitudes to Nature.

Cultural & Career Building Activities like Creative Writing, Science Club & Photography Club, Floor Painting etc. form integral part of the Hobby Schedules.

Team Building Activities aimed at inculcation of Self Discipline, Confidence & Leadership like Camps for Community & Social Services, make vacations & holidays both enjoyable & meaningful.

Character Building Activities through development of the spirit of Tolerance & Patience, Daily morning Prayers. Exposure to various Religions & their Teachings. Lessons in Yoga & Meditation are also part of the spiritual strengthening programmes for the children.