Experiential Learning

DCS has a very robust and world class teaching methodology which is based on 100% experiential learning especially for the Playway, Pre Nursery and Nursery classes. The early formative years for a child demands that the learning is experiential. DCS has special labs, zones, tools, aids, montessori materials & equipments collected and designed specially to ensure a smooth experiential learning for the full class term. The lower classes of DCS are one of the best that a school can offer.


Competition Preparations

This is the age of competitions. The preparations have now become a need in order for the pupil to succeed towards a career. DCS employs full time dedicated expert coaching faculty for individualised competition preparations. The content and mock tests would be designed from the toppers of the specific competitions and would be very effective. The charges for the same are separate and the saidPreparations that are held in school from classes 7th onwards are not compulsory. This is a very need based facility which very select schools offer.

Digital Infrastructure

DCS is a tech smart school and has the best technologies for its use. The following are used:

Broadband thru a leased Line

Ultra Short Throw Projectors / Flat Screens for every Classroom and Lab. The school is run 100% thru a cloud computing software. This inlaces Academics.

The School App offers most of the required facilities including Accounts, Result, Messages, Attendance, Transport, Time Table etc.